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Translations from English to Finnish

I provide top-class EN-FI translations always on schedule. I use modern CAT tools and software and put myself into every task. As a result you will get Finnish translations that are accurate and fluent.

Review and linguistic check

No more awkward style or accuracy issues. Texts written by technical specialists are not always clear to the wider audience so it's also important to adapt the messages for the target reader.

Evaluation and quality assurance

Evaluation provides you clear understanding of the quality of the translation together with actionable insights. I explain my linguistic justifications clearly to Finnish and multilingual stakeholders alike.

Finnish linguist at your service

Are you looking for a fluent EN-FI translator, a reviewer with an eye for detail or a highly skilled linguist? Look no further!

Language expert

I, Mikko Mentula, founded Mentula Language Services in 2022. Before starting my own business I worked in the translation industry for 15 years, providing translations for the world's largest companies. In a leading global translation company, I translated and reviewed texts, managed projects, evaluated translation quality and developed internal processes.

I have a Master's degree in Finnish language. I am a Finnish language expert and I am passionate about finding ways to convey ideas and meanings in an authentic and idiomatic way. I love to play with words and expressions. I enjoy diving deep into linguistics and grammar to produce texts that are accurate and fluent - and most of all fit for the purpose.

I offer language services to clients of all sizes. I am a versatile translator and reviewer with excellent teamwork skills and clear communication. I also provide project management and desktop publishing services.

In my spare time I like to go running or cycling, play disc golf and strategic board games or make plans for my next perfect holiday trip.

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